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RWANDA, Kigali : Rwandan youth enjoy a game of football on March 16, 2014 at Gikondo suburb in the capital, Kigali. Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide ravaged the country, Santos, a football coach here, says “the different ethnic groups play amongst each other, without even thinking about it”, something he sees as a sign of progress in country. AFP PHOTO / PHIL MOORE


Rwanda: Twenty Years Marked in New London Photography Exhibition

After the genocide in Rwanda, twenty years ago, that led to the deaths of up to a million people, Rwanda in Photographs: Death Then, Life Now brings work by Rwandan photographers to international audiences for the first time. Intimate images of everyday life in the Great Lakes communicate the complexities of survival after mass violence.

The photographs are the fruits of a workshop led by award-winning international photographers Andrew Esiebo (Nigeria) and Brendan Bannon (US and Kenya) in which photographers from Rwanda questioned the ways in which their country is portrayed internationally.

Too often the country is reduced to images of violence and death, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. For this exhibition, Rwandans have challenged this gaze and now show us their country through their own eyes.

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#Rwanda: Twenty Years Marked in New London Photography Exhibition


Teen Magazine in Rwanda tackles Girl Economic Empowerment

Ni Nyampinga is a Rwandan youth magazine for girls, written by seven girl journalists aged 15-24. Over 90,000 copies of the magazine are distributed throughout the country each quarter.

On March 12th, Sarah Duhimbaze – a Ni Nyampinga Journalist and Brand Representative distributed Issue 9 of Ni Nyampinga magazine to students at Ecole Tecnique Muhazi in Kimironko (ETM). Sarah spent the afternoon with the students at ETM and had an opportunity to chat with them about the various stories in the magazine.

This issue focuses on girl economic empowerment and safe avenues for girls to access financial assets. In this edition, there are winning stories of girls who practice savings and entrepreneurship to develop themselves and their communities.

The cover story features Angelique Niyosenga. At 15, Angelique started a business with only RWF 300 (the equivalent of $0.43 USD) from her parents. “I realized quite early that I couldn’t keep on asking my parents for basic things such as soap or lotion. I decided instead to invest the money given to me to start a small business, and buy what I needed without troubling them.” Her first business was selling avocadoes. Seven years later, 22 year old Angelique’s business has expanded to include chickens, two cows, and five plots of arable land.

The girls featured in Ni Nyampinga Issue 9 are each contributing to growing the Rwandan economy. That’s what the girl effect is all about—when you invest in a girl, the whole country prospers. Included in this month’s issue, is Smarter Economics: Investing in Girls. Check out how girls around the world are driving development and the untapped potential in Rwanda.

Sent in via Girl Hub Rwanda.

Girl Hub Rwanda’s mission is to enable all of Rwanda’s adolescent girls (aged 10-19) to fulfill their potential.

Teen Magazine in #Rwanda tackles Girl Economic Empowerment


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